Hello to all of you!
I want to say that all your creations look beautifull! But how can it be otherwise. Tilda is just great!!!!

I want to inform you about my the new International swap that I'm organizing. If you don't want to send to another country please say so and I will try to arrange a swappartner in you own country. It will be a Tilda bag swap. So the main subject you will have to make is one of the Tilda bags.

You can enter this swap untill June 30th by sending a email to tildaswap@hotmail.com
On July 1st you will get a email with the name of your swappartner and all the rules for the swap.

Please also have a look at my blog at www.tilda-fan.blogspot.com

I hope that I may welcome many of you at the swap.

Maaike xx

(sorry if some words are not correct English. I write it down in correct English but  google is translating my english in a strange way that I can't change.)